How to Write a Great College Admission Essay?

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The main idea of every successful college admission essay is to reveal your unique personality, show your best qualities, as well as demonstrate perfect writing skills. All this information cannot be reflected in your grades or test scores, so you need to be incredibly creative to impress your admission board. Still have no idea, what to write in your essay for college admission?

These easy college admission essay tips will help you to craft a successful essay with minimum efforts:

  • Understand your college requirements. Every college is likely to enroll a student, who is curious, attentive and self-aware. How can you reflect all these features in your graduate school admission essay? The answer is simple: just be yourself. However, do not write the whole story of your life in details – choose your brightest experience, tell about your awards or any other big time story. Make your college board believe they found a personality with numerous interests and willingness to learn more.
  • Be concise. Everyday your college officers read plenty of works, and your essay for college admission is just among the hundreds of others. So, you’ll need to catch their attention in the first paragraphs of your work. On the one hand, it is better to make a short introduction and then go to the point quickly. On the other hand, make sure you haven’t missed anything important and ‘advertised’ yourself to the full.
  • Don’t pretend to be someone else. Honesty is extremely important. It’s better to have a few awards than to be a fake leader. You do not need to be a vice-president to write college admission essay
  • Try to be accurate and double-check all the information. That means you need to pay extra attention not only to grammar but also to conventional punctuation. Make sure you are writing on a subject you know perfectly. For example, if you are writing about Ernest Hemingway, spell his name properly.
  • Write about what matters to you personally. Another cunning college admission essay prompt is to avoid describing facts that matter only your college board. The main purpose of your essay is to show your quality of thinking, your logic and individuality.
  • Make your essay more humane. When you are trying to write college admission essay, you always need to tell a true story. So, don’t be afraid to call the main characters of your story with their names (or just invent new names).
  • Don’t read all the college admission essay prompts on the Internet. There are thousands of different prompts for the essay. However, you shouldn’t take into account all of them! Most of the tips set up special limitations on what you should and shouldn’t write about, so they can easily disserve your creativity.
  • Don’t try too hard. Choose your topic and spend about an hour to write your essay. Don’t work all day long or the whole night, since it’s usually unproductive. Another common mistake of most applicants is that they are trying too hard to impress college admission officers.
  • Make sure your sense of humor is relevant. You never know, what kind of a person is going to read your essay. Write your jokes only in case you think you have to. Then think twice before adding it to the essay.
  • Don’t pretend to have the final truth. Any topic of your story can be disputable. It’s okay to talk about politics and religion but make sure not to be too out-and-out, especially when it comes to any sensitive subject.

These admission essay tips will help you to create a unique content of the essay, but what about admission essay format? Which one to choose? What structure should your essay have? Let’s find out!

How to Choose a Proper College Admission Essay Format?

  • General structure of the document. Your essay definitely needs to have an introduction and conclusion. Without these two your story will look incomplete. You may have several paragraphs: 5-paragraph essay structure is not a mandatory option anymore.
  • Always use word processor. Proofread your essay and check it in a word processor to avoid any grammar mistakes and misprints.
  • Don’t add a title. Unless it was additionally requested, you don’t need to add a title to your essay. It will only eat into your word count.
  • Use common file types of your documents. We recommend using .pdf file format since it always contains ineditable content and looks the same on all devices.
  • Meet all the requirements of your college. The requirements to admission essays in different colleges may vary. Make sure to meet all of them, since it significantly increases your chances to be enrolled.
  • Use easy-to-read classical fonts of 12 pt. Double space or 1.5 intervals are also the best options.
  • Avoid using special symbols. Don’t use CAPS or any other special symbols, like # or ^. No smiles and emoticons – you are writing on serious topic, and your essay is an official document.
  • Avoid using a template. Using a template can easily make your essay canned and dull – the worst things could ever happen with a creative college admission essay.
  • Send your essay by e-mail (or another electronic form to upload the document). It’s definitely better to send your essay by e-mail rather than use a paper application. In this case, you do not need to worry that college officers will not receive your letter.

How to write a college admission essay for successful enrollment? You need to be original, creative, smart, accurate and bright, as well as to comply with all the requirements of your college. The process of creating an essay is usually complicated and requires strong writing skills.

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