How to Choose Essay Topics to Write About?

choosing essay topics guidelines

Although essay writing seems to be a laborious task, sometimes it can be more difficult to find essay topics to write about. However, you can’t start your work without a topic. Therefore, you may ask your friends to help you with it.

Topics to Write About: College Essay Topics for Different Needs

By choosing an essay topic, a student defines how hard he or she will work on it because some topics are easy to describe, and others are not. Therefore, every student needs good essay topics for different needs. In addition, college essay topics can be divided according to the type of the discipline for which you must write. Here is an essay topics list for you to choose:


Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Computer games: are they useful or not?
  2. Child cruelty: is it true or false?
  3. The right age to birth the first child
  4. Tolerance for members of LGBT community
  5. Gun control in the USA: pros and cons
  6. Child-free community
  7. Native Americans: should they be protected or not?
  8. Tolerance for representatives of other nationalities
  9. The right age to get married
  10. Child adoption by foreign families
  11. Termination of pregnancy: pros and cons
  12. The legal sale of drugs: pros and cons
  13. Extended breastfeeding: is it so necessary?
  14. Contract military service: advantages and disadvantages
  15. Religionism or atheism: what is better?

Management Essay Topics

  1. Branding and marketing: different sides of the same coin
  2. Cultural patterns, which should be mentioned for successful brand introduction abroad
  3. The most recognizable brands in the world
  4. How to create a good trademark?
  5. Graphic design in logo creation
  6. How to think out a good concept for a new product?
  7. Main brand strategies
  8. How to introduce a new label on the market?
  9. What is important for brand creation?
  10. How to run projects more effectively and efficiently?
  11. The main advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing projects
  12. Stress resistance in the work of an administrator
  13. How to run several projects simultaneously?
  14. Planning as an integral method of administration
  15. Running your own business: strategies

Economics Essay Topics

  1. Implications of globalization on social policy
  2. How beneficial is the IMF?
  3. Development in third world countries
  4. Flat tax: pros and cons
  5. The influence of political decisions on economic growth
  6. The greatest challenges facing the European Union
  7. Marx’s writings and their influence on the state of modern economics
  8. A free market in the world
  9. Monetary management
  10. How did the Ebola outbreak effect on the travel industry in Africa?
  11. How does sanctions of the European Union affect the state of the Russian Federation?
  12. Cyber hacking and commercial crimes
  13. E-commerce as a new field of a global market
  14. Marketing as the engine of commerce
  15. The most well-known financial crimes in the USA.

These essay topics on different disciplines can be used by you as a good basis for writing. Just choose what you need and start composing your piece of writing about it.

How to Choose an Essay Topic: General Recommendations>If you don’t know how to choose an essay topic at all and this problem is typical for you, you have to learn the sources to find inspiration. Here are some of them:

  • Breaking news.

If you want to find the most disputable issue for your paper, you should just put a TV set on. The latest news will give you a good hint about topic that you should highlight in your work. Therefore, you can easily find a suitable topic.

  • Turn to politics.

You may analyze how various political decisions of modern politicians give a stimulus to different changes in all spheres of modern society. You may even evaluate political games from the point of view of their advantages and disadvantages for economic growth and particular groups of people. Hence, politics is a great source of topics to discuss.

It is also possible to find good issues to describe in literature. In this case, you may choose a popular book to disclose its main ideas. Or just describe your favorite book, it can also be a good issue to write about.

  • Give the historical review.

You may also discuss the impact of some significant historical events on the economic situation in the world. Such events as, for instance, wars, armed conflicts, terroristic attacks, and the like also influence on the economics and life in general in different countries.

  • Find information about the modern inventions.

You find the information about new inventions in the area of alternative energy sources. Such inventions usually have a great impact on the economic state of the whole world because they may help to change people’s attitude towards natural resources and their place in a global market. Hence, a question that may change all your life is worth discussing.

  • Environmental protection.

You may pay your attention to other actual problems of the modern society, for example, to conduct a survey about the influence of environmental pollution on economic conditions, draw a parallel between natural resources exhaustion and prices of different goods on a global market. Such issues are very important and interesting to discuss.

  • Everyday life.

Everyday life is like breaking news, and you may turn any trouble into a disputable topic for a future paper. Just think about it! However, if you cannot think out the issue to discuss, try to use free-writing technique: start writing everything that coming to your head for 20 minutes. You will probably find something worth discussing.

It is very difficult to have constant problems with writing because students have to pass too many written assignments every day. Therefore, one may even think about alternative ways to make an assignment. Student life is full of different events; therefore, it is clear that students don’t want to spend time on boring assignments, and they are right!