Compare and Contrast Essay Writing Guide to Follow

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Academic writing includes many different kinds of tasks and compare and contrast essay is one of them. The very name of this writing assignment implies that it is necessary to confront two subjects or persons that are rather controversial. However, not all students may cope with this task on their own because it also has some peculiarities.

Compare and Contrast Essay: How to Find Compare and Contrast Essay Topics?

All compare and contrast examples are based on the opposition of two events, phenomena, etc. Therefore, it should be easy to compose such an essay. As well as other written assignments, this task has to start from choosing a topic to describe. Fortunately, interesting compare and contrast essay topics can be found in our everyday life. However, if you have some problems with it, here are some easy compare and contrast essay topics to use in different cases:

The Way of Life

  1. Quality vs. quantity.
  2. Medicine vs. Folk medicine.
  3. Automobilists vs. Pedestrians.
  4. Bikers vs. Automobilists.
  5. Tolerance vs. Stirring.
  6. Healthy lifestyle vs. Alcoholism.
  7. Humanism vs. Slavery.
  8. Virtual reality vs. Real life.
  9. Tenderness vs. Cruelty.
  10. Child-free people vs. Families with children.


  1. Christianity vs. Buddhism.
  2. Atheism vs. Paganism.
  3. The Holy Inquisition vs. Witches.
  4. Religion (any) vs. Atheism.
  5. Physics vs. Religion.


  1. Capitalism vs. Communism.
  2. Communism vs. Imperialism.
  3. Feminism vs. Sexism.
  4. The Europeans vs. Native Americans.
  5. Slavery vs. Freedom.
  6. Trump vs. Putin.
  7. The USA vs. Japan.
  8. Asia vs. Europe.
  9. The USSR vs. The USA.
  10. Britain vs. European Union.


  1. Vegetarianism vs. Meat-and-dairy diet.
  2. Fast food vs. Vegetarianism.
  3. Vegetarianism vs. Mediterranean diet.
  4. McDonald’s vs. Burger King.
  5. Burger King vs. KFC.

Digital Technologies

  1. Canon vs. Nikon.
  2. Android vs. Apple.
  3. Windows vs. Linux.
  4. Photography vs. Video.
  5. Luddites vs. Scientific and technical revolution.
  6. Digital photos vs. Printed photos.
  7. Printed books vs. Electronic books.
  8. Twitter vs. Facebook.
  9. Facebook vs. VK.
  10. The Anonymous vs. Corruption.


  1. Pop music vs. Rock.
  2. Classic music vs. Rap.
  3. Instrumental music vs. Techno.
  4. The Rolling Stones vs. The Beatles.
  5. Blues vs. Modern pop music.

Modern Culture Phenomena

  1. Marvel vs. DC.
  2. Open relationship vs. Classic marriage.
  3. Tattooed people vs. People without tattoos.
  4. Superman vs. Batman.
  5. Avengers vs. X-men.
  6. Brad Pitt vs. Angelina Jolie.
  7. Harry Potter vs. Lord Voldemort.
  8. Hollywood vs. Bollywood.
  9. Justice League vs. Avengers.
  10. Soap operas vs. Arthouse cinema.

These compare and contrast essay topics may be very useful for you. In addition, each of them can have other variations; so, you may change it a little bit if necessary.

Compare and Contrast Examples: How to Compose This Essay?

If you don’t have any experience in the creation of such kind of essays, you may think about requesting a work, especially while writing a compare and contrast essay outline. Although it is possible to find any compare and contrast essay outline example in the Internet, it is much better to have your own ideas how to create it. Here are some of them:

  • Remember about the basis.

After choosing a topic, it is necessary to write an outline. A compare and contrast outline should be equal to a classic five-paragraph structure with an introduction, three paragraphs for the main part, and a conclusion. Although you cannot change this structure, you always may change content itself.

  • Point out the importance.

As it was said before, it is necessary to find a disputable topic with two objects, events, or phenomena to compare in the text. It will be very good to start the introduction of your essay with description why chosen objects are important and how we use them in everyday life. It will be a nice intro for this kind of writing.

  • Give different reasons.

The next two paragraphs should be devoted to the things themselves that you compare. You should give a brief description, enumerate advantages and disadvantages, and provide the readers with some reasons why one may choose this or that viewpoint.

  • Use statistics.

The last paragraph of the main part can be used for some statistical data. For example, if you compare Apple smartphones and cell phones with the Android operating system, you may find some statistical surveys to learn how many people prefer this or that system and use this information in the third paragraph of your main part. In this case, a reader may understand what was the main reason for customers to choose a particular system, and he or she may even start thinking about his/her own choice.

  • Express your own opinion.

It is also necessary to express your own point of view about the topic on which you are writing. In this case, the last paragraph or a conclusion is the best chance to do it because you have already described all possible reasons to choose this or that variant. Such compare and contrast essay outline will help you to create this task quickly and easily.

  • Don’t forget about revision.

Revision should be an integral part of work on any written assignment because you may improve the grade for this very paper. Therefore, don’t procrastinate and plan your working schedule so that you have enough time to revise your text. It is possible to use automatic checkers, but they also may omit some typos that spoil the paper. Hence, it is much better to revise the text by yourself.

Hopefully, the list of topics and our basic writing guide will assist you to cope with your compare and contrast essay. Even if you compose it for the very first time, you shouldn’t worry because this kind of paper is relatively simple. You should just try to start writing, and everything will be fine because the practice is the best solution.