Learn the Ropes of Creative Writing

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Writing, though an integral element of any studies, may be diverse, since it is aimed to evaluate your skills from a variety of angles. While academic writing assignments such as research papers or term papers involve research, analysis, and a structured presentation of their results, not all assignments are done this way. To complete some of them, you have to go out of the box and figure out something truly unusual. What is the kind of writing that does not comply with any of academic rules? Definitely, that’s creative writing. As you might have seen from numerous creative essay examples, such works look really different from what you are used to seeing in essays. So, what’s the difference and how can you succeed in the completion of such tasks?

Essentials of Creative Writing

As the word ‘creative’ suggests, this type of assignment has little to do with a usual scheme: research, analysis, writing. Creative writing stories are composed in a different way; namely, they need to be unusual, speaking about the subject originally, and telling more about the writer and his/her style than about some formal things like an introduction, body, and conclusion.

The main characteristics of this type of assignment is the support of the author’s self-expression. The assignment usually fosters being open-minded and letting your imagination go to end with a piece of writing that catches attention and captures the mind. That’s why creative writing topics correspond to this specifics and intent of such works. Check some of them to understand what we mean:

  • Imagine waking up and seeing that you are alone on Earth. What’s next?
  • How do you imagine the world of the future? What role will technology play in it?
  • Imagine you have woken up and do not recognize anyone around you. What happened?
  • What is your dream job? Describe a typical working day you would have when working on that job.
  • Imagine having to go to a desolate island in 10 minutes. Which things will you take with you, if you are allowed to take only three?

As you can see, all these creative essay topics require turning on your imagination and thinking not about facts, but about your dreams, guesses, and suppositions. That’s a truly involving activity – for those who have lots of creative writing ideas and have no problems with grammar, style, and structure. And what should others do? Train with the help of our prompts and creative writing exercises!

Where to Look

Where to Look for Creative Writing Prompts?

ng to generate a piece of truly creative writing should never ignore the value of creative writing prompts as a source of necessary information and inspiration on the subject. No matter what you are composing an essay about; such prompts will always serve as a great guiding light in the darkness of academic assignments. So, where can you get the best prompts for effective completion of this task? Here are some tips:

  • Look around you, and you’ll see how much interesting and unexpectedly intriguing the world offers. Even looking out of the window to check the weather may boost a wild burst of ideas about the world climate, weather in exotic places, weather extremes, etc.
  • Enjoy the time you spend on creative writing. That’s really helpful! For instance, you may read a poem, dance, or have a meal with a critical insight. What stands behind a love poem? How and why do people dance? What is the most unbelievable dish you ever cooked?
  • Don’t forget about people. The world of human interactions and relationships is a huge, rich field of source materials for creative writing. So, why not dedicate your creative study to some aspect of human existence? For instance, compose a creative piece about two people meeting for the first time; or write a paper about two people having an argument.
  • Dream about the future. There is a ton of creative writing examples about the future: robots, drones, virtual reality, space travel… But every person is unique, and maybe you have a different vision of the future? Let’s check that!
  • Impossible is possible. Finally, the best field of testing your creativity is to imagine that something people cannot do is actually possible. This is where you can let your imagination go and conceive the best creative pieces! It’s enough to write a story about people flying, people traveling in time and space, or a world without conflicts and wars. All these themes will be fine, people like to dream!

Some Useful Creative Writi

Some Useful Creative Writing Ideas

your independent endeavor, you may still get it done quicker by following these tips:

  1. Consider the audience. Once you understand who will read the essay, you will also know how to catch their attention, in which style and language to talk to them, and how to impress them.
  2. To achieve a dramatic effect for your creative piece, follow the classical theatric three-act structure in which the set-up is followed by confrontation, and the whole story ends with a resolution.
  3. Never ignore the introduction. The paper’s heading and a couple of first opening lines is 90% of your paper’s success. People don’t read on if they get bored quickly, so your number-one task is to make them stay.
  4. Enliven the story with details. Any writing looks better if the setting and characters are discussed in much detail. In such a way, you create the effect of realism and involve readers into the story, making it more believable.

Definitely, students who enroll in creative writing programs experience numerous problems with creativity, especially when they are in a rut. But we are here to help! Don’t worry, entrusting the creative piece to us is always a guarantee of quality and flawless completion of the assignment, on time and with a fresh look at the subject. Use our assistance and always remain at the top of the class with our extraordinary creativity and impeccable form of writing.