How Much Does Essay Help Cost? The Pricing Comparison

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When it comes to an essay writing, the question about the essay help cost is quite obvious. Different services have various pricing policies so the similar essay help may have particularly different price. Often it relies only on the service you use. This post will give you the understanding on how the essay price is formed and what influences it. The pricing comparison will help you to define which service to choose so keep reading.

All students may have some difficulties with their academic assignments. Such a situation is typical because all of them have too many tasks to complete and too less time to make them properly. In addition, some students have to earn money for living. Therefore, they combine study with a job, and just don’t have an opportunity to care about their tasks.

Pricing Comparison for Essay Services: Best Website to Write Your Essay p>Every student got a question “Where Can I Buy Writing Papers?” at least once in his/her life.  This situation is considered a typical one in the modern society; therefore, the great popularity of writing sites is indisputable. However, what else is important for a student? It is an essay price because the second problem of every student (after academic debts) is the lack of money. So, let us see how to compare prices for essay writing:

  • Define the initial parameters.

No one can tell you the exact sum for this or that written assignment without some important initial information. Therefore, you should first define such parameters as the type of a paper to compose (there are many different kinds of academic and creative writing), its size in the number of pages, and the urgency of a project. Hence, these three parameters are considered basic ones to form the price of custom essay writing services. If you need a difficult and big paper to pass it urgently, you should have a lot of money to make such an order because urgency is the most important parameter to form a final price. For example, the shortest time limit for essay delivery at is 3 hours because it is impossible to create a substantial essay faster. Such an order will cost $41 per page. However, if you want to order the same essay with a 14-day limit of delivery, this order will require paying only $9.97. So, prices may vary greatly. However, high quality is worth paying.

  • Pay attention to the level of quality.

To get pricing comparison for custom writing services, it is also important to define the level of quality. Each paper will be written perfectly; however, even the best website to write your essay has some quality differences.

In general, quality of written papers can be divided into three levels: standard, premium, and platinum one, as at, for example. These names may change from site to site, but the system is the same at various sites that unite authors. What does it mean? If you want to order the paper of basic quality, it means that it would be just written and revised for free. The advanced level means that your paper would be written by more experienced writer and revised by a professional editor. Premium (or pro) level is the most expensive one because it may include formatting, references, and other additional options.

All in all, you will have an excellent paper, but some people prefer to get the highest quality and have an opportunity to pay enough for it. Therefore, such a quality classification exists and is supported by a great number of custom writing sites.

  • Use automatic calculations.

The simplest way to learn the total sum for a particular task before making an order is to use a special calculator at the site. Almost all custom writing sites have such a system so that potential customers can get price assessment for essay writing. Open several websites and use calculator with the same parameters to define which service is having lower prices. This manual pricing comparison could be done in a few minutes and will save you money.

Hopefully, all these points will help you to evaluate how much essay assistance may cost. In this case, every student can make his/her own essay cost and benefit analysis to learn whether he or she can order professional writing help or not. This system is very comfortable for everybody.

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is much better to give pricing comparison for essay services with real examples. Let us compare two popular custom writing sites: and

As for quality plans, offers three different levels – standard, premium, and platinum. However, doesn’t have such a quality difference. Let’s take the standard quality plan from to compare prices for custom essays and evaluate them in terms of urgency.

The shortest time limit for essay writing at both sites is 3 hours. The longest one is 10 days at and 14 days at So, how much may a one-page essay cost at these sites? A one-page essay with 10-day delivery will cost $21.99 at However, offers an essay with the same parameters for $14 only. So, the difference is obvious. has more affordable pricing for custom writing service, which is extremely important for students who must scrimp and save.

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Essay Price: How to Buy an Essay?

custom writing services are popular among students today, one may not know how to buy an essay. In general, this procedure includes the following steps:

  • Registration.

First, register at the site to get full access. Just fill in the form for your e-mail, and receive a confirmation link to prove registration.  Now you may place your first order.

  • Make an order.

Find a special form in your account and fill it in with all necessary information (the type of paper, its size, and how urgent it is.)

  • Wait for an answer.

A manager from a technical support service will contact you to clear up all details. In addition, he or she should find a writer to compose your paper, and communicate with you until the paper is finished.

  • Pay for your order.

Different writing sites have different peculiarities of the payment process. However, all of them offer a great number of ways to pay for your paper online. Therefore, you will not have some difficulties with this step.

  • Get the work done!

Hence, as you can see, it is very easy to purchase a paper. Therefore, you know what to do in case of any troubles with your academic assignments.