Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Biographical Essay

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Academic writing assignments are commonly dedicated to writing about something or somebody else, not you, but don’t be surprised if you are asked to tell the story of your  life. The biographical essay may become a challenge but not in case you’ve read this article.

That’s also a typical academic task that involves your composition skills and gives a tutor a set of advantages in assessing your writing talent, ability to organize the flow of narrative, spelling and grammar skills, and (in cases of autobiographical assignments) to find out more about you as a person. So, what’s the deal about completing such a task? Why is it a challenge for so many people?


Biographical Essay: What Is It?

’s first clarify what this type of paper is. According to writing experts, a biographical essay tells a story of some person’s life; it should be a real historical or contemporary personality. For the paper to be considered biographical, it should include such components as:

  1. A real-life subject (a person who lived in the past or lives now)
  2. A thesis statement encompassing your key impression about that person, which is actually the subject you are planning to explore in the text of your assignment. This may deal with some interesting moment in that person’s life, his or her memorable achievement, or the legacy that he/she left for the contemporaries.
  3. Though the thesis statement includes your main idea about the subject, it is also necessary to give a more or less detailed account of that person’s life (depending on the volume of the task you are assigned)
  4. Your grade for an essay of this type will definitely rise if you also include an insightful analysis of the subject’s character, e.g., values, life philosophy, attitudes, principles, etc., that laid the basis for his or her activities and contributed to his/her achievements.

Impressive Bi

Impressive Bio Examples

o start writing but don’t have any idea of what it should look like in the end, a great idea is to look for some biography sample online, or to ask friends or your supervisor for some sort of a biography template. Having a successful and interesting example of biography is very helpful, as it gives you better understanding of what your tutor wants to see, what an A-grade paper looks like, and what components a truly impressive biography should have.

Here are some excellent short biographical essay samples from great writers that you may use as examples of structure, content, and composition:

  • Suetonius, Lives of the Caesars (written in 121 AD). Ancient literature always has much to offer to contemporary people, and Suetonius’ biography of the Caesars is not an exception. It may be called an archetypal biography that other authors used as a sample for many centuries to come. A lively and detailed story of 12 Roman Caesars’ life will be a piece of very involving reading for many evenings!
  • Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast (published posthumously in 1964). There is hardly any author more famous, more puzzling, and more memorable than Hemingway; his attitude to life, to his creative work, and to his legacy was so unique that the biography is a must-read for all people loving his literature.
  • Robert Graves, Goodbye to All That (published in 1929). A heartbreaking and piercing account of Graves’ experiences at the First World War, the book is a hearty and sad story of war and its horrors. A highly recommended biographical piece with a great personal touch.
  • Oscar Wilde, De Profundis (written in 1897). This work is very far from the ordinary; it is actually not a book, but a letter composed by Wilde to Alfred Douglas while the former was imprisoned. The piece will be highly appreciated by those liking profound, thoughtful, and deep thinking writing with intense, self-reflections and self-examinations.

Obviously, these are only a handful of samples of great bios, and you may use many more to your liking; just select the subject you wish to examine and work out the structure for your biographical examination.

Tips for Writ

Tips for Writing the Biographical Essay

make your completion of this homework easier, quicker, and less stressful:

  • Make sure that the sample bio you are taking as an example corresponds to your tutor’s assignment. No matter how badly you might want to write about Barack Obama; if your supervisor told you to select a famous philosopher of the 19th century, even the best essay about Mr. Obama won’t get you an A!
  • Always study your subject carefully before starting to compose the essay. As you can see from many biography samples for students, there are some hidden pages in the lives of the great, and if you find them and write about those interesting details, you’re guaranteed a distinctive grade. Tutors like original thinking and will reward you if you don’t stick to well-known facts and offer a snapshot at a famous person’s life from an unexpected angle.
  • Use examples from your subject’s life. It is not enough to say that someone was a good man and did much for the country and the world. Once you voice any judgment, be sure to indicate specifically how and why you made that conclusion. Only such a structure may sound valid.
  • Write about your subject informatively but in a lively tone, as biographies are very often too dull to read up to the end. Don’t make a similar mistake; enliven your narrative with language and stylistic forms that will make the piece engaging.

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