Top 10 Universities in United Kingdom: 2018 Compilation

top 10 UK universities, 2018

Higher education is considered to be very important today because modern society needs highly-qualified professionals. Therefore, it is clear why so many people are interested in the UK university ranking to learn what institutions are the best one. Although education in reliable institutions is very expensive, people eager to enter them so that to get a diploma of a credible establishment and gain some perspectives on career development. Investments in education are the most reasonable so the Universities will be always trending.

The List of Universities in the UK: Top 10 Universities in the UK

It can be very difficult to enter one of the top 10 universities in the UK, and every potential student must remember such a simple fact. However, you may need professional assistance in difficult situations, regardless of a particular place where you are studying now. So, what UK universities are considered the most reliable ones? Top ten universities in UK 2018 are as follows:


The list of universities in the UK is headed by this establishment. It is so popular that many young people are dreaming of being its students. Due to its rich history started in 1096, it is still considered the best establishment in the UK. Moreover, it is always competing with Cambridge, Harvard, and other institutions to be the best in the world. Oxford consists of 44 different colleges and halls, and a great student campus. In addition, 100 Oxford’s libraries form the largest library system in the UK.


pan style="font-weight: 400;">This academy always vies with Oxford to become the best in the “top universities in UK” ranking. The history of this ancient higher school has started in 1206. It is interesting that foundation of Cambridge was organized by the group of Oxford graduates due to a conflict of objectives. Hence, as one can see, this competition is growing bigger year by year. However, Cambridge consists of 31 separate colleges; therefore, it is smaller than Oxford, although such a network provides great reliability as well. It is a nice result for a live-long conflict.

Imperial College London

style="font-weight: 400;">Being established in 1907, as a part of the University of London, it got a status of a separate establishment in 2007 only. However, it may contest with the best universities in the UK due to its high quality of education. So, the age of this higher education school is not so important actually.

University College London

style="font-weight: 400;">It was found at London University in 1826. The academy in the heart of London at Gower Street is considered the very first institution in London. Hence, it is still popular among young people who want to get a higher education.

London School of Economics and Political Science

style="font-weight: 400;">This establishment is considered one of the best law universities in the UK. Founded in late 1800, LSE is a perfect place to learn a wide range of social disciplines. So, if you want to become a politician, this institution will be an ideal start for your potential career.

The University of Edinburgh

style="font-weight: 400;">The most famous academy in Scotland was established in 1583. Nowadays, the establishment consists of three colleges. Among them are Humanitarian, Engineering, and Medical Colleges. 35,000 of students every year mean that it is one of the most famous public universities in the UK in general, and in Scotland in particular.

King’s College London

style="font-weight: 400;">This establishment is called ‘King’s in honour of its founder – King George IV. Nowadays, it is affiliated with the following groups: University of London, Russell Group, and the Golden Triangle. The rich history and the abundance of such affiliations is a reason to call it a very prestigious place to get a higher education.

University of Manchester

ont-weight: 400;">The today’s University of Manchester appeared after the amalgamation of the UMIST and Victoria University of Manchester. This higher school is a participant of a famous Russel group that makes it a strong research institution.

The University of Bristol

t-weight: 400;">This higher school was founded in 1876. At the very beginning, it was a small college that had only two professors and offered courses in 15 subjects only. However, everything changed, and nowadays this institution is big and has approximately 23,000 of students every year.

The University of Glasgow

t-weight: 400;">This institution was founded in 1451, and it is included in the group of ancient universities of the United Kingdom. Hence, 567-years history and old traditions are worth the place in the top. In addition, this institution has affiliations with Russell Group, and Universitas 21. Therefore, if you want to enter this institution, you should work very hard.

What education to choose in the UK?

t-weight: 400;">These universities in the United Kingdom are considered as the honour of the country. By entering one of them, a person will have a chance to get the best education. However, even if you have already entered, it doesn’t mean that you may relax. Student life is full of different academic assignments that should be passed and we are always ready to help. Lear the best guides, articles and researches on the higher educational process. In this case, you still will be a student without any problems.