How to Write Persuasive Essay And to Be 100% Convincing?

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It is extremely important to be a convincing person if you want to gain a success. Fortunately, even ordinary students have an excellent opportunity to train their power of persuasion with the help of persuasive writing. Although this kind of essay seems very simple, many students don’t know how to write a persuasive essay. Therefore, they may need strong support in some situations.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay? >A persuasive essay is a very interesting assignment because a student will have a chance to express the opinion clearly, and even support it with strong arguments. However, even in this case student may have some difficulties.

Each assignment starts with choosing a topic, and a persuasive essay is not an exception. A topic for this paper should be actual and controversial one so that to make a text thought-provoking. It can be difficult to choose a topic. So, here are some persuasive writing topics from different spheres that can be relevant for you:

Modern Technologies

  • The influence of the Internet on human perception: is it really so good for us?
  • Is it ethical to use spying programs to control your children?
  • Is it necessary to defend privacy rights more serious?
  • Is it possible to reveal marital infidelity with the help of modern devices?
  • Is it necessary to reduce the time of online-surfing for an ordinary person?
  • Topics about Human Personality

  • Is effective leader a person who may achieve all his/her goals?
  • What is more important: happiness or money?
  • Is it possible to find a significant other on the first try?
  • Is it better to be an egoist or not?
  • Is it necessary to help animals?
  • Is it ethical to be an atheist?
  • Is it ethical to wear fur?
  • Is it more necessary to love than to be loved?
  • Is it possible to avoid military conflicts on a religious basis?
  • How to reduce depression if necessary?
  • Parents and Children

  • Is it better for children to choose the education field by themselves?
  • The influence of school uniform on children: is it obligatory?
  • Are parental rights more important than the rights of children?
  • Is it necessary to improve juvenile justice?
  • Is it necessary to allow children adoption for foreigners?
  • All these issues are very disputable in a modern society; therefore, they can become relevant persuasive essay topics for you.

    Persuasive Essay Format

    However, after choosing a topic, you should start a paper itself. Here is a simple instruction about persuasive writing for you:

    • State your standpoint. You should define what you think about the chosen topic. Your own point of view concerning the subject matter must be expressed clearly; the author who is always torn between the devil and the deep blue sea can hardly persuade anyone. Remember this once and for all!
    • Research your topic. The style of the work itself requires many necessary facts to learn. It may happen so, that you may even have to visit a library to get some additional information. You must prepare better for creation of this assignment because this sort of paper may need some accurate data, statistic surveys, etc.
    • Analyze the audience. Try to predict whether your readers will agree or disagree with you, or they have some neutral position. Of course, it is much better to speak about something when the readers support you, but the devil is not as black as he is painted, and you may try to make them change their mind.
    • Make notes. Try to note down everything that is coming to your head while making the research on the subject matter. These notes will further help you to make your working draft.
    • Create a thesis statement. A thesis statement is a kind of slogan for the future article. It should express your idea clearly, be strict, and short if possible. It is the basis of your text, which will be proved by further arguments, so you must be attentive about it.
    • Collect the evidence. This paper should be argumentative, that is why you have to find some pieces of evidence to support your position. Use them as basic points to prove your thesis statement.
    • Build your line of argumentation. After collecting different facts to use in your text, create your line of argumentation that must be concise and confirming. Try to place your argument in the best order: from the strongest to the weakest one. Psychologists are sure that such order is more convincing than any other.

    Hopefully, this writing guideline will help you to cope with the task. However, to achieve the best results, you may also find some persuasive essay examples and investigate them just to understand how it should look.

    How to be Convincing in Persuasive Writing?

    Although persuasive writing examples in the Internet are very good, real students always have some difficulties with it. So, how to solve this problem efficiently?  

    • Self-assurance.

    This is the basis for the power of persuasion. You should be a self-trusted person to persuade others that your opinion is right. If you are not so self-confident, it will be difficult for you to persuade the audience.

    • A strong line of argumentation.

    Try to choose only strong arguments for your topic. In this case, you may win over a cause, and your readers will see that your opinion is worth paying attention. Otherwise, you cannot compose a substantial paper.

    • Professional help.

    Here is the best example ever of the persuasive speech from Shia LaBeouf for your inspiration:

    If you cannot find your power of persuasion, you always may ask someone else to create this assignment for you. Persuasive writing can be very difficult for some people; therefore, there is nothing else to do than to find professional help. Experienced writers compose so many persuasive works for different needs that they may convince everybody that black is white and vice versa.

    So don’t give up because of this task, even if you don’t know what to do. Self-assurance is a power that you may train for all your life.